Sherrett Food Forest

This is direct climate action

Growing Food. Sequestering Carbon. Protecting Biodiversity.

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Sherrett Food Forest is an Urban farm located in Portland, OR

As a biodiverse living ecosystem, the food forest produces heirloom vegetables, orchard fruits, berries, culinary and medicinal herbs, and edible flowers. The .68 acre food forest on Sherrett street is operated by young farmers who were selected by the city of Portland in accordance with the city’s Climate Action Plan.

The farmers steward the land in a regenerative way that sequesters carbon, protects pollinators, yields food, and engages the surrounding community.  Read more about Food Forestry here…

Photos of WFF by Melinda Ruby


We grow “beyond organic” without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We practice regenerative agriculture, with the goal to make healthy soil first and foremost as the foundation for all healthy life.

Food Forests are friendly to pollinators and we include and protect habitat for all living creatures in our “edible ecosystem”. Sherrett Food Forest is a biodiverse urban farm, growing over 100 varieties of food with a focus on perennials and rare edibles.

While most of the Food Forest is planted out with perennials such as fruit trees, herbs and berry bushes, we also have two market gardens for annual vegetables where we grow in polyculture patterns, utilizing companion planting.

We have found that this method allows us to either continue to grow annuals in a no-till fashion, or it can also set the stage for succession planting perennial systems like a food forest.

Help us further the food forest!

100% of your donation goes towards supporting the food forest. This is a young project with a great need for infrastructure, soil amendments, tools, seeds, plants, and labor. We'd be happy to followup with you to tell you exactly what your very generous donation has been used for. Thank you so much!

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I give them 5 stars. They know what they are doing and best of all they educate and teach others how to do permaculture. They have some out of the ordinary tubers (potatoes), herbs, perennials, pollinators, and nice shrubs. Toby Hemenway was their mentor. I’ve visited their lot several times now. Wishing I lived closer by.
— CSA Member Patricia Visser
The Food Forest fills a niche in its local community and ecosystem, providing pollinators, and hence pollination services; and other rare and important species. No square inch is left uncultivated, with something flowering, fruiting, and rooting, under your feet at each turn.
— Author Kay Kennett

Urban Food Forest Design Package
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Urban Food Forest Design Package
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This custom Food Forest Design Package specializes in food forests in city yard spaces. Rain water collection, rain garden design, food production, pollinator habitats and designing for kids and pets are some of our strengths as designers. Edible landscapes are a fantastic positive action to take to invest in the future. Food Forests are a food production system that is time tested, resilient, and beneficial to biodiversity and the well-being of humans and all life. Let’s do this!

This design package includes all costs of our design labor, including a 2 hour consultation, site visit, and your custom final design printed on a 11x17 laminated print. You will also receive an in depth key with information specific to your site and your needs. When you purchase this design package, we will followup with you to schedule your site visit. The entire design process is finished within 6 weeks from your site visit.

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