Plant Start CSA

Plant Start CSA

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Plant Start CSA

We got our start as starts farmers! It’s true! We were once called “Kenton Plant Starts”  and we've been growing the dankest plants for your home garden since 2013.

Pickups April-June of an assortment of heirloom vegetable starts. Delivered at the perfect time for transplanting outdoors, so you don’t have to bother worrying about the frost dates and slugs eating your freshly germinated attempts at direct seeding! Winslows plant starts are hardy and productive. We grow from bioregional open pollinated seeds, so your plants will be set up for success.

Full Flat Share: $135 for 18 plants per month, 54 plants total at $2.5 each

Half Flat Share: $75 for 9 plants per month, 27 plants total at $2.75 eachPickup Locations:

Winslow Food Forest

Pickup Dates:

Saturday April 20th 1:00pm-3pm

Saturday May 18th 1:00pm-3pm

Saturday June 15th 1:00pm-3pm

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