Meet Your Farmers

Melissa Manuel

Food Forest co-Founder, Director of Operations, Permaculture Designer

Teague Cullen

food forest co-founder, Educator, permaculture designer


Press and accomplisments

"Basically a form of anti-agriculture, food forestry is based on the idea of creating an ecosystem instead of destroying one. The difference is that it's an ecosystem made entirely of stuff you can eat, like a more nutritious Willy Wonka forest." — Willamette Week 2017

"One plot has an almond tree as the top layer with herbs underneath. In the summer, blueberries and strawberries grow in the sun. A tall cardoon -- a thistle-like plant that grows its spindly leaves up and out -- acts as what the Cullens call a "green manure chop and drop." The Cullens need plants like the cardoon that grow quickly, so the leaves fall with each pruning and decompose, adding nutrients to the soil. — Oregonian 2016

"Cullen will tackle the broad subject of food forestry, a gardening technique that resembles woodland ecosystems with fruit and nut trees and berry bushes. This will include the history of food forestry, its differences from organic farming and tools for food forest design. Cullen will also teach attendees how to plan, design, install and maintain their own food forest systems year after year. "

Portland Tribune 2018