Winslow Food Forest

3499 SE Sherrett street

Portland, OR 97222




WFF is bike accessible. There are several spots to lock up your bike. The Springwater Corridor goes right past the farm about 2 blocks away. 


The 75 bus goes down 32nd avenue 1 block north/west of WFF.


Winslow Food Forest is located within a quiet residential neighborhood on a dead-end street. There is no parking available along the edge of the farm facing Sherrett St. Your best bet is to park in the neighborhood on 34th street and walk over to the farm. You can also 36th street and walk through the grassy thoroughfare/alley.

Donations are Gladly Accepted

As a mission based enterprise, our main goal isn't profit, it's food forestry! We are dedicated to the practice of food forestry and perennial agroforestry. We are also documenting the productivity, challenges, and yields of WFF as it grows from a fledgling young food forest into a fully mature food production system. Your donations help us to further our work in collecting this data and sharing it with the world so that others can create their own food forestry systems based on the lessons we've learned. Donations go towards costs  for improving infrastructure at WFF, such as for upgrading our wash station and building a new greenhouse. Donations also support the purchase of seeds, straw, new plantings, maintenance/weeding of the food forest, water, documentation and data collection, grant writing time and administrative expenses.