Urban Design Package

Urban Design Package

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Each design package includes a 2-hour site visit where we will evaluate your land for different sectors such as sun exposure, water movement, soil type, existing vegetation, and measurements. You will receive a personal consultation to determine your individual needs and to discuss the parameters of your site. After our site visit, we will draw a custom design map for your property, with specialized consideration of the most suitable plant guilds for your garden. Your final design will include a detailed key with information on the plants chosen for your design, along with a list of local resources to consider in your installation process, such as where to get free mulch and compost. 

Pricing: $800 flat

If paid in full, you can save $50 for a total of $750.

You can also reserve our services for $100, with your remaining balance of $700 due upon completion of your design. If you’d like to work out a payment plan or offer a trade (are you a massage therapist?) please email us at winslowfoodforest@gmail.com

*Currently only available to people in Portland metro.

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