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Food Forests: Feed People, Sequester Carbon & Save the World!

  • People's Food Cooperative 3029 Southeast 21st Avenue Portland United States (map)

What if I told you all our problems today can be traced back to the dawn of Agriculture? What if we could save the world simply by changing how we grow our food? 

Food Forestry is a fervent revolution of love, hope, and dedication to growing a healthy resilent future. We can heal our planet and many of the worlds ills all through the resources and societal impacts that food forests provide. Indigenous communities worldwide practice food forestry, and the old growth forests are all but gone as loggers decimate them for the purpose of installing industrial monocrops. We must engage with our landscape and create edible and useful landscapes that nourish our communities. It is a simple and effective powerful act to plant a food forest.

Food Forestry is the practice of growing and maintaining intentionally designed ecosystems focusing on perennial food-producing plants and their companions. Join us as Teague Cullen, the farmer at Winslow Food Forest, highlights some of the methods and practicalities of installing and working with these systems to fit the growers’ needs. 

Over the last decade, farmer and educator Teague Cullen has designed, installed, and managed multiple food forests throughout the Pacific Northwest. They are passionate about sharing the knowledge we have gained together here at Winslow Food Forest, so that others can plant their own edible ecosystems!

Heal the Land=Heal all People=Heal our Food System!

This presentation is free to all with an suggested donation of $9

All proceeds go to furthering Winslow Food Forest.

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Food Forestry Workshop
Later Event: May 18